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About Us

We are Alexa, Aniko and Franz, and together with our  dogs we are "Agloolik".

From a young age, my mom was always interested in breeding - back then she owned and worked with Rottweilers, but after one nice litter, due to work and family, unfortunately she had to give up her dream... at least for a while. :) After owning different breeds, we have bought our very first Siberian Husky, Chatty Eyes Behind Brown Eyes - Sayen, in 2012 and with her our crazy journey has began. She is everything you can read about the character of Siberian Huskies: she is clever and tricky with a selective hearing. From her I learned the most important thing: if you want to own a Siberian Husky and keep your sense, be ready to see the humorous side of the life - always. :)


In 2013 March, we attended at a dogshow where my mom fall in love with a puppy male, Sophie’s Pearl Walk This Way - Walker, and only a few weeks later, he became a part of our family. By 2014 we were thinking about to start breeding but due to lack of knowledge, we didn’t find the right male to our Sayen. As we kept learning and slowly started to see the mistakes of our dogs, with heavy heart but we let go the idea of breeding them.


In the following years we were looking for a female to purchase, and in the end of 2017, finally we found her. Snowmist’s Kirri - Candy, was born at a reputable and experienced breeder in Canada, at Kim Leblanc, to whom we cannot be thankful enough not only for our Candy, but for all the help and knowledge she shares with us since that. Candy, or as I call her, The Sweetest Candy, is making all our dreams come true, not only in breeding but at the showground too.


2020 was a year of changes, we not only welcomed our first litter, but also our kennel moved to Austria from Hungary. I’m lucky enough to have not only my family as a support and my mom as a co-breeder, but my boyfriend, Franz, who is not just a Siberian Husky breeder under the name Mystic Woodland, but a specialist judge and the president of the Nordic Club of Austria. From him I learned and I’m learning a lot daily, his experience and knowledge is the greatest support someone can wish. As you can see, Agloolik Siberians is a small kennel, what based on the amazing teamwork of a family - and of course on the owners of our puppies.

In 2022 we have imported another female from Kim, Snowmist's Becca - Becca, who has arrived to us in the beginning of November, and we believe she will play an important part in our breeding program. On 13 November, 2022 we welcomed also our second litter, out of Candy.


Our dogs are show- and sport-dogs, but first of all, they are family members. Our aim is to breed beautiful and healthy Siberians, who are living and working with passion and fit to the breed standard and to the original function. We breed them according to our high standards, we choose carefully the parents of our puppies and take care them until we find the best possible home and family for them. As our motto says, we breed dogs for “A lifetime of love, activity and friendship”.


About our kennel name

In the Inuit mythology Agloolik is the spirit who lives in the sea, protecting hunters, fishermans and all creatures of the water. If hunters prayed to Agloolik before fishing, the spirit will bless them with prey - but will punish them if they took more than they would need.

Protecting and preserving our nature as it is now, and was a few decades back, was always an important topic for me. I deeply believe we all are responsible for the world around us, so I wanted a kennel name that's not only connected to the North, where my beloved Siberians are origin, but also shows my love for nature. I also believe we should practice to find happiness in our daily lives, focus on what we have, instead of what we haven't - and just like Agloolik, protecting the world we know.


8541 Bad Schwanberg



+43 676 9044833



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