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Agloolik Prince of Crime

I love and adore all of our dogs in the same way, but not a secret, as my firstborn puppy, Prince always was and will be my special "miracle-baby".
He has a very special charm, he is a real prince, and loves to behave like one. :) He loves people, loves jumping on everyone to get the attention he thinks he deserves and he believes the world and people were made to love him and cuddle with him through hours. He is also very interested in human gastronomy, is always sitting next to me, keeping a close eye on me and all the ingredients during cooking. :) 


With him we stepped into the world of mantrailing and despite him being a Siberian, he got some talent! I'm excited to see where this new sport is going to take us!


8541 Bad Schwanberg



+43 676 9044833



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