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Sophie's Pearl Walk This Way

Walker, or as we usually call him, Wufi, is a real family dog, spending time with us is his favorite. He loves being in the house, sleeping on his favorite spots and pretending to not being there. :)  He is a great working dog, even with 10 years he is keeping up with the youngsters easily when it comes to sleddog sports.  As he and Sayen grew up together they became a great team, working in a perfect synchrony and being inseparable.

He was our first real show dog, with him we learnt a lot about showing and handling, we got to know a lot of people, reached very nice results. Unfortunately as he was getting older he seemed to feel less comfortable on shows, so we decided to stop and instead give him the life he loves the most. Being happier there, Walker is living in Hungary, with my family.

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